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"Industrial Adornment" is for men or women who want striking design in top-quality handcrafted accessories. It is substantial neckwear with a goth or modern tribal aesthetic, reminiscent of the Celtic torque or neck-ring worn since ca. 1000 BC in Europe and the Near East, which were adornments for warriors or the elite. These creations bring the art form into the industrial age. They are crafted of stainless steel, and are thick and substantial. Many have the ability to lock closed. They are hand-lathed into silky smooth curves, some resembling bamboo or finger-bones. Some have rubber accents, or slightly sinister steel spines or teeth.

Phil Servita, machinist and sculptor, is in the process of designing this series of unique pieces, and some prototypes are now available. His Industrial steel torques are carefully hand-machined using a Bridgeport milling machine and South Bend lathe. Teeth or spines are cut using a CNC plasma cutter designed and built by the artist, and have a variety of finishes including bright, patina, & gun-bluing.


Items Currently Available:

neckshot 2

Torque body: 304 Stainless Steel
Single Spine closure of gun-blued steel and brass.
neckshot 1

Closure details:
Rotate closure to line up
Then pull apart to open



"Segmented Oblong" turned torque
with 8 spines of graduated sizes
Press-fit closure:
Back 1/4 arc is removable, with invisible press-fit mortise and tenon joint. Not locking, but a stiff press-fit; wearer may require assistance.



Steel with flexible cable hinge, rubber accents on hinge and pin
"Segmented Oblong" turned torque
Threaded pin closure, not locking



Steel with rubber accents
Smooth torque with incised bands
Changeable closure:
locking pyramid pin (shown) or flush back hex pin



Steel, rubber over hinge
"Finger-bone" turned torque
with 16 spines of varying sizes
Changeable closure:
locking pyramid pin (shown) or flush back hex pin



"Finger-bone" turned torque
with 10 small spines
Changeable closure:
locking pyramid pin or flush back hex pin (shown)

"Arachnid-3" (SOLD)


"Finger-bone" turned torque
with 10 large spines
Changeable closure:
locking hex pin (shown) or flush back hex pin


Detail View:
Pyramid Pin with hole in back, to accommodate small lock.




Smooth banded back and
"Finger-bone" turned front
(click here for top view)
with 6 small spines
Closure: Holes in torque ends can accommodate leather lacing (shown), or your own choice of ribbon, bead chain, etc.

Detail View:
Hex Pin with flush back, screws in, not locking.


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Watch this space for more designs and items for sale, or contact us about custom work.
Custom pieces can be produced with your desired number and size of spines, and can come with varying styles of closure pins.

Phil Servita, Designer
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