Freestanding Aerial Rigs

  • Easy setup and breakdown; under 15 minutes setup and 10 minutes breakdown with an experienced crew
  • Breaks down into easily transported parts; largest pieces 6'9"
  • total weight ~240 lbs
  • Capable of supporting 2-person aerial acts involving dynamic choreograpy, swinging, and drops on aerial fabric, lyra, trapeze, or other apparatus
  • No external guy wires
  • Internal leg tensioning. No outside cables.
  • No staking or ground attachment required for most ground surfaces; rig is stable using ground friction alone
  • All structural components 6061-T651 aluminum and 304 stainless steel
  • Built to order, customizations (height, topbar spacing, topbar length, mount points, etc) can likely be accomodated.

Some more images:

Fully assembled.
Base Pad Photo 1
Base Pad Photo 2
Dissassembled and on the ground
Another taken-apart view
Close-up of Top Bar
Top Bar End Construction detail
Top Bar Middle Construction detail

Much more detailed Assembly/Usage Manual (PDF format)

Send email to "equipment <at>" for pricing, leadtime information, customization requests, etc.